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Informationen zu den derzeitigen Erdgas-Rückrufaktionen

Informationen zu den derzeitigen Erdgas-Rückrufaktionen

Volkswagen AG has initiated the 20X7, 20Y8 and 20X4 recall campaigns for the exchange of natural gas fuel tanks in natural gas vehicles of various series'. This concerns the Touran, Passat and Caddy model series'. Owners of affected vehicles are requested to contact an authorised Volkswagen Service Centre.

Corrosion to gas fuel tanks in affected vehicles may cause a gas fuel tank to burst, which could lead to serious or fatal injury.

Enter your vehicle identification number and see if your Volkswagen is affected.

If your vehicle is affected, please contact a Volkswagen Partner immediately. Upon completion of the recall campaign, they will provide you with the relevant verification that your vehicle was included.

If your natural gas vehicle is not affected by the 20X7, 20Y8 or 20X4 recall campaigns, you can obtain a clearance certificate from Volkswagen Customer Service.

Even if this unscheduled visit to the workshop causes you an inconvenience, we hope that you understand and support the implementation of this measure. We appreciate your faith in the Volkswagen brand and hope that we can count on your loyalty in the future.

Check if your vehicle is affected

Using your vehicle identification number (VIN), you can check online whether your Volkswagen is affected by the natural gas recall campaign and whether rectifications are necessary.

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What is a VIN?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a 17-digit number by means of which your vehicle can be clearly identified. You can find it in Part I of the Registration Certificate and in the lower area of the windscreen.


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